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Off By One Degree - What is the greatest blunder we can make when trying to find God? And why do we find it everywhere, even in the church?
More Than Questions - Is life really “all about the journey?” Is the answer to just keep asking the questions? Are we doomed to seek and seek and never find? Is that God’s plan?
Did Jesus Die to Make You a Zero? - What did Jesus accomplish on the cross? Did he just take our sins away, or did he give us something as well?
An Unfair Deal - In a world that’s increasingly obsessed with fairness, the best thing we can hear is the Good News of the unfair gift that God has God has given us.


The Church

Trying to Improve on God’s Plan - When God tells us exactly how to change the world and bring his Kingdom of peace and justice to the ends of the earth . . . we’re very quick to try and come up with something better.
The Empty Tomb - What happened on Good Friday changes everything.
Just Some Guy Up There - The reason some people find the Church to be a racket is the very reason it’s such an amazing gift from God.
Hoppers, Shoppers, and Disciples - Shopping is a necessity in life, but what the world is “church shopping?”
Help Yourself - What should churches be focusing on during worship and preaching time? What do we have to offer that the world does not?
Who Sets the Menu? - Should mature Christians be providing their own spiritual nourishment? Or is that the church’s job?
The Next New Thing Will Save Me - Why trying to stay ahead of the curve with spiritual fads will inevitably lead to spiritual burnout.



Prayer Changes Things . . . Or Does It? - If God is sovereign and eternal, how can my prayers make any difference?
Ordinary Time - As amazing as mountain-top spiritual experiences can be, we’re called to serve God just as fervently in the ordinary times between.
The Bible and Rocket Science - How does the modern world we live in impact the way we read God’s Word?
The Bible and Insomnia - What you expect to find when you open God’s Word may affect the role it plays in your life.
I am religious, but not spiritual - In a world where “I’m spiritual, but not religious” is an increasingly common cliam, what are people missing, and why do they feel so spiritually empty?
Jesus Saves ® - “They’ll know we are Christians by our. . . bumper stickers?”
Bible or Buzzwords? - The Scriptures used to be the very foundation of the Church. But do we even know them when we see them?
Who’s Filling Your Cup? - Ever feel like God’s hobby is to keep you from being happy and fulfilled? Ever try to fill your own cup?
Seinfeld and Solemnity - A meditation on the messiness of the Christian faith.
St. Jack - Jesus is the Prince of Peace. So what does that make me?
We Need a Pandemic - In our techno-savvy world, every message seems to spread with lightning speed into every corner of the world. . . except the most important message.







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