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#21, “Bleached Asparaguses, All” (7/20/2020)

Mimi reads about the reopening of Jonah's ministry, which looks promising. VeggieTales also discussed.

#20, “Then Came Sunday” (4/11/2020)

In this bonus episode, Mimi gets the day off and Pastor Zach shares a piece of short biblical fiction for Easter.

#19, “The Slimy Pit” (4/10/2020)

This week, Mimi reads from Jonah 1 and 2 and discusses the Good Friday connections with Pastor Zach

#18, “Cool Christmas Jets” (12/14/2019)

This week, Mimi reads from Isaiah and from Matthew 1, and discusses Christmas Bible traditions with Pastor Zach

Week 17, “We've Got Jesus Here” (10/30/2019)

Mimi continues through Jonah and Pastor Zach somehow gets a Downton Abbey tangent going.

Week 16, “How (Not) to Run from God” (10/4/2019)

Mimi and Pastor Zach are back and starting the Book of Jonah.

Week 15, “Baby vs. Dragon” (6/27/2019)

Zach and Mimi bury the hatchet before Mimi reads from Revelation 12.

Week 14, “Search My Heart” (6/11/2019)

Mimi gets some troubling news (from Jimmy Fallon) and turns to the Psalms for comfort.

Week 13, “Lazarus, Come Forth!” (5/8/2019)

Mimi reads the story of Lazarus (John 11) and she and Zach discuss some mysteries ways in which God has worked.

Week 12, “If You Stay Ready . . . ” (4/12/2019)

This week, Mimi reads the parable of the ten virgins and she and Zach discuss the text, acting, and why she doesn’t like her voice(?!).

Week 11, The Eleventh Hour (3/25/2019)

This week, Mimi reads the Parable of the Workers in the Vineyard (Matt 20:1-16) and discusses it with Pastor Zach.

Week 10, Savvy? (3/12/2019)

This week, Mimi reads two parables and she and Pastor Zach discuss being crafty, building the Kingdom, and making pancakes.

Week 9, Faithful with a Little (2/27/2019)

The votes are in and Mimi is reading the parables! She and Pastor Zach remember the late broadcast personality and children’s missionary, Uncle Charlie.

Week 8, Nailed It! (2/8/2019)

This week, Mimi reads Judges 4 and discusses the text (as well as intriguing names and the German language) with Pastor Zach.

Week 7, Ho! Such a One! (1/28/2019)

This week, we finish our reading of the book fo Ruth.

Week 6, Kinsman Redeemer (1/7/2019)

This week, Mimi reads from Ruth 3, as the story of Naomi and Ruth comes to a head.

Week 5, A Savior Is Born (12/25/2018)

Merry Christmas from Mimi Reads the Bible!

Week 4, Enter Boaz (12/18/2018)

Mimi reads Ruth chapter 2 and talks with Pastor Zach about reaching out to those in need.

Week 3, Your God and My God (12/3/2018)

Mimi begins reading Ruth and talks about some of her past struggles in the faith. Also, Pastor Zach somehow brings up intestines. So, that’s weird...

Week 2, Mary and Hannah (11/17/2018)

Mimi reads more from I Samuel and the Magnificat from Luke 1. She and Pastor Zach discuss Bible translations and paraphrases.

Week 1, Hannah’s Prayer  (11/10/2018)

Pastor Zach and Mimi discuss whether she has an accent. Mimi reads from I Samuel, the account of Hannah’s prayer.






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